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a creative designer and strategist who is passionate about creating designs that drive conversion and reach new audiences through strategic testings & data-driven designs

“Live, Laugh, Love.”


Designer 2021
Services: Creative Strategy, Paid Social Design (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest), Rapid Experimentations


Invisibly is building a future where consent matters and people come first. In taking the current data economy and breaking it down for parts, Invisibly built a system that it’s people-first by design. While traditionally, user data shared online has been traded by third party companies and advertisers without the clear consent — or even awareness — of the user themselves, Invisibly introduces a feed that allows its users to get paid for the data their interactions create. In other words, the Invisibly feed rewards its users with relevant content worth their attention and gives an opportunity to earn from online engagement. Invisibly was founded by Jim Mckelvey, a renowned Silicon Valley innovator and the co-founder of Square.

Thru the growth marketing efforts from NoGood, we have achieved 10,000 registered users in 90 days400% MoM increase in leads, and 84% organic website traffic

Positioning Invisibly as the brand that people trust to store, manage, and monetize data.

For many people, Invisibly is a new app so it needed to increase its brand awareness and authority in the data economy.  How do we educate the users about this app? How can someone trust us?

At NoGood, we create a cohesive, consistent, and memorable presence across a variety of channels and ensure brand authority among Invisibly’s target audiences. In addition, we deployed rapid experimentations across multiple channels to achieve product/market fit as part of the product launch strategy.