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a creative designer and strategist who is passionate about creating designs that drive conversion and reach new audiences through strategic testings & data-driven designs

“ Design is a messy, holistic, human-centric process for solving problems—not just stylistic problems, but problems of all manner and level of importance.”
— Steve Vassallo


Growth Designer Sep 2021 - Present
Services: Creative Strategy, Channel Designs (Paid Social, Display, Email), Rapid Experimentations


Public.com is the investing platform that helps people to be better investors. We're on the mission to make the public markets work for all people. On Public, members can own fractional shares of stocks, funds, and crypto, follow popular creators, and share ideas within a community of investors. 

Testing, testing, and testing to unlock Public’s paid social potentials.

Before I joined Public, there was no dedicated designer to create assets for the Growth Marketing team. Since I joined, I worked closely with User Acquisition, Brand Design, and Compliance to deliver and optimize creatives for all audiences across performance marketing channels. In addition, I lead creative optimization testing roadmaps for evergreen campaigns, both internally and externally with outside design agencies.

    New Year Resolution Ads | Single Messaging Tests

lowest Cost-Per-Funded-Account / highest Click-Through-Rate

    New Year Resolution Ads | Carousel Messaging Tests

lowest Cost-Per-Funded-Account / highest Click-Through-Rate

DRTV Commercial | Carmen 30s

Utilizing pre-shot content generated by the brand team, I executed with art direction throughout the video’s post-production with an emphasis on the usage of transitions, pacing, and our app UI. The goal was to create a DRTV ad that drove brand awareness with DRTV best pratices in mind.

Crafting and tracking creative experiments to make data driven design decisions. 

Aside from the User Acquisition arm within the Growth Marketing team, I also work closely with the Life Cycle team focusing on converting new users into long-term investors on Public. I am responsible for improving conversion rates with design optimizations through the different funnel using a variety of channels, including email marketing, in-app-messaging, and more.

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