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a creative designer and strategist who is passionate about creating designs that drive conversion and reach new audiences through strategic testings & data-driven designs

“Live, Laugh, Love.”


Lead Designer 2019 - 2021
Services: Social Media Design, Data Visualization, Paid Social Design (Facebook and LinkedIn)


NoGood is a growth marketing agency with a squad of growth leads, creatives, designers, and data scientists who help unlock rapid growth for the world’s most iconic brands and fast-growing VC-backed startups.

We were never able to find the marketing team
we wanted, so we built it — one expert at a time. We are a team of innovators across industries and we partner with the best. We help many growth organizations in consumer, SaaS, retail, and healthcare reach their full potential.

Engagement, engagement, engagement.

As we design for social media (particularly Instagram), we focus on heavily on engagement. We posts snippets of our blogs to Instagram, driving more clicks to our website for users to read more in depth. 

We also started to post marketing memes, because who doesn’t love memes?

Testing new social media platforms: TikTok

When lockdown hit, everyone in our office downloaded TikTok and *attempted* to learn TikTok dances.

Once we realized TikTok is a new marketing platform for many brands, we created our own account and currently we have almost 70k follower.
my best video that has almost 3M views :)

Cohesive Brand Guideline... Everywhere

Once I joined, I made having a cohesive brand guideline and voice as a priority.

I created anything from one pagers to templates for YouTube video banners. 

one pager
Beyond Covid Report

YouTube banners